Saturday, 5 March 2011

Evaluation Task 4

Friday, 4 March 2011

Evaluation Task 3

Raju- ashwin and me found a opening logo on a website called videocopilot. This website consisted of many transitions and ideas. This helped us create our own one.  We where going for the 3D affect as this would make our logo stand out. We both decided to call it shallow grave productions because it fits in with our logo.

Ashwin- to raise money for our film we would release the movie onto DVD. Also we would sell the film online, so users can download it rather than buying it. This would increase the money we gain from the film.

Raju- a production company creates ideas and motion pictures, TV. They may also find funding for the products they produce. We decided that our distribution company could be film 4 as it is British based and low budget.

Ashwin- A distributor is someone reliable who would get the film out there and support it fully. Film 4 would be the most reliable as they've been going for years and have already got films being produced for 2013.

Raju- the main reason why a key person was named in our titles is that they have done their own bit to pull this film together. Without the people we couldn’t have produced our film sequence.

Ashwin- I agree with raju and what he said about he contribution each person made in order to produce our opening sequence. Each person put a great deal of work into the sequence. Without the three people we wouldn’t have made a successful opening sequence.

Raju- what are the names of films that we used for inspiration? Our main film was seven and number 23. These films had a similar narrative to ours so it was good to use them, in order to make ours successful. 


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